“Star Trek: DS9” – Season 1, Episode 6 (“Q-Less”)

The runabout Ganges returns to the space station in serious trouble, as it has no power, the hatch can’t be opened, and oxygen is running out. There seems to be an extra person on board. O’Brien opens the hatch and recognizes someone from his time on the Enterprise. Vash (Jennifer Hetrick) has been traveling in the Gamma Quadrant for two years and brought back some artifacts, including a beautiful geode. Dangerous blackouts keep happening, putting the crew and the nearly 300 residents in danger. Could this be one of Q’s jokes, or something much worse?

Q: Really, Vash, I can’t believe you’re still pining for Jean-Luc, that self-righteous do-gooder.

This is one of the S1 stories meant to raise ratings and draw in fans of TNG; it assumes that the viewer has watched TNG. The teleplay is by Robert Hewitt Wolfe; he also wrote the memorable TNG ep “A Fistful of Datas.” Not much time is spent on introducing Q (John de Lancie). Vash, the shady lady version of Indiana Jones in space, was one of Picard’s few love interests. Q and Vash are two of the most memorable guest stars in the ST universe; they operate in shades of gray (which is not unlike some characters you’ll meet later in DS9). Vash met Picard on Risa in “Captain’s Holiday.” “Qpid” is the ep where Q took Vash to travel the galaxy as his companion. No, they aren’t a romantic pair, but they bicker like one!

Vash: It’s over, Q, I want you out of my life. You’re arrogant, you’re overbearing and you think you know everything.

Q: But… I do know everything.

Vash: That makes it even worse.

I saw this ep on it’s first run on TV, but didn’t recall some of the details (such as Vash teaming up w/ Quark to sell the artifacts). Bashir is used for comedy in the opener and closing; this is too on-the-nose, but some fans may enjoy re-watching. At the start of the ep, he is on a date w/ a Bajoran woman, trying to impress her w/ his medical smarts. A few scenes later, he asks Vash out on a date; she flirted w/ him in Sick Bay. Quark also gets a little crush on her, as she also has her mind on profit.

Q: You hit me! Picard never hit me.

Sisko: I’m not Picard.

Q: Indeed not. You’re much easier to provoke. How fortunate for me.

There is an alternate scene that is must-see, even if you don’t watch the ep. You can find the blooper on YouTube. In an outtake from the fight scene between Sisko and Q, de Lancie replied to Avery Brooks’ order to bring back the DS9 inhabitants w/ the line: “Or what? What? You’ll ravish me?” Then, de Lancie laughed and apologized. Brooks seductively replied: “I might.” The crew laughed and applauded. ROTFLMAO!

[1] The plots seems a bit disjointed…

[2] The dialogue here is written well and both Hetrick and De Lancie do well with their roles.

[3] What doesn’t make sense in this episode is her relationship with Q. Although Q is all-powerful and clearly very condescending, he chases after her like a love-starved puppy…

-Excerpts from IMDB reviews

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