My fave P&P lines: Part 1

I’ve been watching The Complete Jane Austen (PBS) lately, and Pride and Prejudice (or P&P as we say on the web) is showing this month.  IMHO this version (from 1995 w/ Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle) is one of the BEST TV shows/films!  Jane Eyre (2006) is pretty awesome too…  BTW- I learned a while back that Jennifer Ehle is an American (from NC, no less!!!) but trained as an actress in UK (just like Christopher Reeve). 

Here are some of my favorite lines from P&P:

“A single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” -Lizzie after the fam 1st hears of Mr. Bingley arriving in their ‘hood

“…just be careful to make sure the man you fall in love with is rich!” -Lizzie jokes w/ Jane

“…my dear, they [your nerves] have been my constant companion these 20 years at least.” -Mr. Bennett to wife after Mrs. Bennett complains that he has no sympathy for her nerves- LOL!

“No!  You shall go on Nellie!” -Mrs. B. tells Jane she shall ride their old mare to Netherfield after Bingley’s sis invites her to dinner; the weather looks gloomy though!

“We  neither of us are willing to speak unless we are sure to amaze the entire room.”

-Lizzie to Mr. Darcy during their 1st dance

“Until there are enough [dance] partners to be found, we shall have to be philosphers.”

-Lizzie to her serious, bookish lil sis (Mary) at Lucas Lodge ball

“I have determined that only the deepest love will induce me to marry!” -Lizzie to Jane

“As for pride… where there is a real superiority of mind…” -Mr. Darcy to Lizzie re: his character

“…they [Lizzie’s eyes] were brightened by the exercise.” -Mr. D. to Caroline Bingley after Lizzie’s very long walk (3 miles!!!) to see a sick Jane at Netherfield

“Oh lord-  for he has threatened to dance with us all!” -Kitty to Lizzie re: Mr. Collins

“But before I am run away with emotion… let me state my reasons for marrying.” -Mr. C. to Lizzie in the (hilarious) proposal scene

To be continued next wk…

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