P&P lines cont’d…

Back to P&P currently showing on PBS… 

Jane is quietly coping w/o Bingley around.  Poor Mr. Darcy is (obviously) suffering from love, but it- alas- refused.  Lizzie learns re: Mr. Wickham’s true character.  We see that Charlotte is coping w/ Mr. Collins (lord bless her!)  Lydia goes off to Brighton w/ the Fosters- we know where that will lead!  The Gardiners and Lizzie check out Pemberley (Mr. Darcy’s estate), and unexpectedly run into Darcy himself. 

Sidenote: Colin Firth’s legs look v. good in the costumes IMHO.  The long coats he wears are cool, too!  

Below are some more quotes I like from the mini…

 “I remember a time when I liked a red coat well enough.” -Mrs. Bennett recalls before the younger daughters dissolve into giggles

 “She must know she’s marrying one of the stupidest men in England!” -Lizzie exclaims to Jane (after hearing of Charlotte’s engagement to Mr. Collins)  “But everyone is not the same!” Jane exclaims after Lizzie expresses her shock re: her friend’s choice

“I am not romantic- I never was.  I want only a comfortable home.” -Charlotte Lucas to Lizzie re: her decision to marry Mr. Collins

“The more I see of the world, the more I am dissatisfied with it.” -Lizzie confesses to Jane 

“…it often happens that a whole day passes in which we have not spent more than a few minutes in each other’s company. I find that I can bear the solitude very cheerfully. I find myself… quite content with my situation Lizzie.” -Charlotte re: her marriage 

“Do not worry yourself about your appearance, cousin Elizabeth.  Lady Catherine likes to see rank preserved.”  -Mr. Collins

“What!?  All out at once?  The younger ones before the older are married?” -Lady Catherine asks Lizzie re: her sisters being “out” in society

“Beauty is not the only virtue, Maria. She [Mary King] has just inherited a fortune of ten thousand pounds, I understand.” -Charlotte points out to her lil sis.  “Now that is a definite virtue.” -Mrs. Gardiner adds slyly. 

“Lady Catherine de Bourgh herself was kind enough to suggest that these shelves be fitted exactly as you see them there.” -Mr. Collins  “Shelves in the closet. Happy thought indeed.” -Lizzie replies

“I am ill-qualified to recommend myself to strangers” -Mr. Darcy confesses to Lizzie when they meet at Rosings

“I had not known you a month before I felt you were the last man in the world whom I could ever marry!” -Lizzie to Mr. Darcy after his first proposal

“Disguise of any kind is my abhorrence.” -Mr. D. to Lizzie

“I’m afraid one has all the goodness, and the other all the apperance of it.” -Lizzie to Jane(comparing D. to Wickham) 

“I believe one would be willing to put up with a great deal to be mistress of Pemberley. ”

-Mrs. Gardiner, Lizzie’s aunt, says when they first see Pemberley

“I shall conquer this!  I shall!” -Mr. Darcy

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