Movie Review: “The Sting”



Redford in tux and trench- WOW!!!  Sigh…

I just saw this 1973 buddy/crime movie today for the 1st time.  This film has a lot of twists and turns, but it’s basically about con men (in Chicago) who are trying to get revenge for the (unnecessary) death of an old friend, and making a LOT of cash.  The ending is VERY unexpected!

The draw was (of course) Paul Newman and Robert Redford.   I would watch them read the dictionary.  Frankly, I don’t think it’s FAIR to have two amazing, super-hot actors (like these guys) in ONE film b/c the audience doesn’t know who to look at when they’re in a scene together!


It’s a fun film w/ upbeat music (from 1930s period) and great costumes (esp. those worn by Redford).  He looks GORGEOUS (as usual) and has terrific chemistry w/ Newman (who acts as a mentor in the film).  Redford has a lot of running, jumping, and hiding to do in this film, which is fun.

Below is a shirtless pic of Redford.  (Who wouldn’t want to see him shirtless!?)



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