My Favorite (Not-So-Famous) Singers

My sister asked me a while back if I STILL listen to country music (like I did as a teen).  Well, why the heck not!?  To me, it’s the BEST kind of music out there (esp. the ’80s and ’90s).  I wince when I see the music vids (on CMT) a LOTTA ppl are doing these days, BUT they are usu not PURE country singers.  They think outlandish hats, tight clothes, and over-the-top cleavage can draw attention from the fact that you have no talent- LOL!  What I mean by that is, they do NOT have clear voices, natural gifts, and simple songs that the greats in the country music world have.  These singers are timeless: Reba, George Strait, Randy Travis, and my first musical obsession- Alan Jackson.  Their names and music will live on for a LONG time to come…   

There are 3 (not-so-famous) singers that I esp. liked growing up: John Berry, Paul Brandt, and Neal McCoy.  It boggles my mind why they don’t have billions, but they are UNDENIABLY talented!   

John Berry


John Berry, born in SC and raised in Atlanta, has a voice quite unlike most country singers b/c it has a DISTINCT gospel edge to it.  His mother was a big fan of gospel and soul.  He also writes a lot of his own stuff, and records his work independently (therefore giving him creative freedom that ALL artists want).  When I listen to a John Berry song, it comes across as very pure, honest, and emotional.  He is a “low key” personality, but has GREAT range to his voice- just listen and judge! 

This song showcases his range:

Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye

This is his most famous song; it was ranked in the top 10 in it’s day:

Your Love Amazes Me

Paul Brandt 


Can a skinny, baby-faced guy from Canada be a BIG country talent?  Totally, yes!  Paul Brandt, a former pediatric nurse from our northen nabe, is a singer/songwriter based in Alberta.  As you may know, country has always been king in Canada.  The range in his voice is great- he does a variety of songs effortlessly.  His first 2 albums are hands-down FANTASTIC! 

A Little In Love (great up-tempo song w/ fun wordplay):

I Do (popular “modern” country classic):

Neal McCoy


Neal McCoy is from small-town Texas, but w/ an Irish (father) and Filipino (mother); his real last name is McGoyne.  He is known as a great performer onstage- big grin, loves dancing, and relating well to audiences.  He was influenced as a kid by Charley Pride (a V famous African-American country singer from the ’60s and ’70s).  Neal has a great knack for choosing songs which suit his voice and (outgoing) personality. 

If I Was a Drinkin’ Man (soundcheck):

On of my fave songs (of all time)- his first #1 song:

No Doubt About It (LIVE):

Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye  (official music vid):

They’re Playing Our Song (official music vid):

Wink (Opry performance):

A cute interview about his visit to the White House:

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