Phillip Seymour Hoffman


I’m not good with accents…

He [Capote] could’ve fit inside me!

…it’s personal, it’s political, it’s passion (re: his acting process)

Not yet 40, this still young actor is one of the GREATEST talents working in film today.  Other actors praise Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s work; audiences marvel as he transforms himself into an eclectic array of characters.  PSH has played an idealistic writer (State and Main), a sensitive home health care nurse (Magnolia), an insecure transvestite (Flawless w/ Robert DeNiro), and a quick-witted snobby WASP (The Talented Mr. Ripley).  Most recently, he played a tough, sardonic FBI agent in Charlie Wilson’s War w/ Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.


Pic from Magnolia

Though is is (mostly) known as a character actor, PSH often grabs ones attention from the typical, handsome leading man.  He is not afraid to reveal himself to an audience.  The films choices he makes are varied, clever, and thought-provoking.  I am looking forward to seeing Capote and The Savages (I LOVE Laura Linney!!!).


Pic from State and Main- PSH has a romance in this film (rare for him)!

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