Things I Learned from Broadway Musicals

This is just for fun.  Can you figure out which shows/characters I’m writing about?


  1. Corn can grow “high as an elephant’s eye.”
  2. “Everything’s up –to-date in Kansas City.  They’ve gone about as far as they can go.”
  3. Farmers and cowboys should be friends.
  4. Some girls “cain’t say no” [at least when it comes to kissing!]
  5. An old, disfigured composer can be VERY intriguing to a teenage girl.
  6. The lyrics “Help me make the music of the night” are NOT quite as wholesome as you first thought.  [LOL…]
  7. Love can’t always be “evergreen” or “unchanging as the sea.”
  8. Sanity can be “a melancholy burden.”
  9. If you treat a woman like a lady, she will see herself as a lady.
  10. “To love pure and chaste from afar” sounds sweet, BUT hardly fun.
  11. “Some enchanted evening, you may see a stranger across a crowded room” [but these days you MUST be careful!]
  12. “Fools give you reasons; wise men never try” to explain why/how love happens.
  13. “You’ve got to be carefully taught” to hate people who are different than you.
  14. “Twelve in a room in America” isn’t rare to find.
  15. You can fall in love at a local fair.
  16. When you’re afraid, try to “whistle a happy tune.”
  17. Thailand (formerly known as Siam) is smaller than its neighbor Burma, BUT England is the smallest of the three nations.
  18. When you were very young, “world was better spot.”  [Amen to that!]
  19. You can try not to have love for someone, but STILL fall in love (even if the guy’s escorting you to your husband!)
  20. You will be sympathetic to young lovers IF you’ve had a love of your own.
  21. “East or West, home is best!”
  22. There are more important things to fight for besides “a night at the opera.”
  23. A former criminal can be a BETTER man than a police inspector.
  24. Life can be tough for a single mom (especially in the 1700s).



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