In Honor of Father’s Day: Things My Dad Actually Said!

Some are sweet, some are just HILARIOUS- but that’s how fathers are, right?  I wonder if anyone else can relate to these sayings.  Happy Fathers Day, Abba!!!

My dad on guys/relationships:

“What is relationship?  People need to get married!”

“Find a boy who has a strong mother and sisters, and respects them.”

“I know some boys, but they are got right for you- not good enough.  Honestly, they are bhonda [dull].”

“You know, there are a LOT of faltu [fake] guys out there these days…”

My dad on education/career:

“You could do a PhD- you are a LOT smarter than (insert name of his friend’s/distant relative’s daughter).”

“In these past few years, you could have DONE a PhD already!”  (w/ exasperation)

“You could definitely work for the federal government.  Some of these people do NOTHING all day.”

My dad on food:

“I don’t like white food.” (Awkward pause and weird look from waiter)  “No, no, I mean food with white SAUCE!”

“We can cook better than the restaurants any day.”

“I found a REALLY good supermarket in my area!” (in VERY excited tone)

My dad on family:

“There is NO life without your family!”

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