Fun “Brown Bag” Lunch Ideas

Hey readers!

Have you noticed that many restaurants are empty these days?  (I’ve seen this in NYC, DC, and Old Town Alexandria, VA.)  People are bringing food from home (even those who live in big cities and have MANY food options).  Yes, we all need to save, but how can we feel less deprived?  Just be creative w/ your food!  Or, if you hate to cook, just eat simply.


But part of the fun of going out for lunch is leaving the workplace.  You can eat in the communal dining area (if you have one).  You can go for a short walk after eating, or eat in the park.  My mom does yoga 3 days/wk before lunch, so it breaks her regular routine.        


Even though I’m currently sans job, I look out for fun food ideas!  Below are some I heard on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show.

Happy eating,



  1. Leftovers from last night’s dinner: Yes, we desis do this a LOT!
  2. Canned salmon (for salad/sandwich): Can buy at Trader Joe’s
  3. Beef stew: This tastes better the second day; it lasts for several days.
  4. Cubed cheeses, cubed turkey, sliced peppers, mushrooms, etc. w/ olive oil: These won’t get mushy!
  5. Soups: Can buy in sml/med cartons at stores like Whole Foods or make at home (my mom does!)
  6. Egg salad: One of my faves; you just need hard-boiled eggs, mayo, salt, and pepper!  (You can add other stuff like I do- tomatoes, red onion, green onion, etc. and put in a sandwich.)
  7. Almond butter and jelly (instead of PB&J) for sandwich
  8. Soba noodles: These are meant to be eaten cold.
  9. Hummus: can eat w/ baby carrots, celery sticks, or pita bread (for when you’re NOT too hungry)


*Other tips:

– Take coffee from home!

– Buy bulk snacks and keep at place of work. 

– Buy cute lunch containers to make lunch less routine.

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