Lots of pics/thoughts (incl re: “Idol”)

The weather today (TUES):
Ooh- v pretty!
Oooh- v bright, clear, and pretty!


Getting a bit darker...
Getting a bit darker...


Gray clouds hovering (around 6PM)
Gray clouds hovering (around 6PM)


Sun getting swallowed up (just before rain shower)
Sun getting swallowed up (just before rain shower)


Around 7PM (after rain)- v pretty again!
Around 7PM (after rain)- v pretty again!


Today’s ep of Ballykissangel:

Father Peter Clifford comforts a churchgoer
Father Peter Clifford (Stephen Tompkinson) listens to Eileen, who's love w/ the new guy in town, Enda Sullivan.

I liked re-watching this ep A LOT b/c I didn’t recall some of it!  It focuses on Brian’s attempt to make a promo film about the town, Peter’s attempt to get more people in for Sunday mass, and Assumpta’s attempt to get a personal life.


Pretty much everyone in the town has noticed that Enda is interested in Assumpta.  She is a BIT curious about the newbie, who is also an ex-rocker/single dad to a young son.  In a recent ep, Enda even played a gig at Fitzgerald’s for free.  Niamh, who is recently married/pregnant, encourages Assumpta to date Enda (if he asks her).  He does ask, but she insists on picking HIM up and pays 50% for dinner. 


At dinner, Enda comments that “for an atheist, you’re pretty friendly with the priest.”  Assumpta shoots back quickly, “I’m not an atheist, and the Church doesn’t have anything to do with my friendship with the priest.  Peter’s a good man.”  Enda and Assumpta have an awkward date b/c he’s more interested in her than she is in him.     


Assumpta Fitzgerald (Dervla Kirwan) wonders about her date, ex-rocker Enda Sullivan.
Assumpta Fitzgerald (Dervla Kirwan)

After the date, Assumpta urges Enda to talk to his son (who has been acting up recently).  The boy knows that Eileen (his babysitter) cares for his dad, though Enda takes her for granted.  (It’s obvious that he’s involved w/ Eileen, but has a roving eye!) 


Assumpta listens while best gal pal (Niamh) gives her advice about men.
Assumpta listens while best gal pal (Niamh) gives her advice about men.

Assumpta tells Niamh that she doesn’t want any more advice about her personal life.  She’s sick and tired of people getting in her business.  (Hey, that’s small town life!) 


Peter talks to Enda about performing (hymns) in church.
Peter talks to Enda about performing in church.

Peter goes over to Enda’s house to discuss his coming performance.  But we can tell from Peter’s face and demeanor that he’s MORE concerned about the Assumpta-Enda-Eileen love triangle! 


Assumpta breaks off her (would-be) relationship w/ Enda graciously.
Assumpta breaks off her burgeoning relationship w/ Enda.

At the end of this ep, Assumpta graciously breaks off her would-be relationship w/ Enda.  She tells the chagrined older man “maybe you need to grow up.”  Peter comes by the bar and says “you really missed something great” (meaning the performance at mass).  Assumpta looks over at Enda walking away and says “I doubt it” (referring to a  relationship).


American Idol:

I'm cheering for Adam- reality TV CAN be exciting!
I’m cheering for Adam- reality TV CAN be exciting!  Wow…


Tonight’s best performances were: Adam, Anoop, and Danny.  I decided 2 weeks ago that I like Danny a LOT better than Matt.  His voice is more interesting, and his performances are more natural and energetic.  (Dad said “he’s very natural” after Danny sang.)  Adam and Anoop looked TERRIFIC tonight- posh BUT young.  I liked Adam’s song- VERY original!  Anoop looked more grown-up and showed some personality tonight- YAY!  I didn’t know the song he picked, BUT it was pretty good.  Paula is right- Anoop has a great smile.  His parents looked VERY happy (and excited).  ITA w/ Randy that this is the best 7 contestants they’ve had on the show!

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