Back from Bangladesh…

Hey readers,

Wow, have I missed writing here!!!  I got back to US a few days ago after a 3 1/2 wk trip to Bangladesh (or BD as some teens say).  On June 2nd, we (me, Dad, Mom, and lil bro) landed in Dulles, rested for a day, then drove my Mom and lil bro back to Indiana.  My lil sis couldn’t go b/c she’s still pretty busy w/ internship and studies (back in AZ). 

I’m now at my Mom’s house in suburban Indy, so I have (kinda slow) dial-up connection.  I’ll put up some of my BD photos very soon- I have pics on my laptop back in VA.

Best to all,



Some recent movies I saw:

Billu Barbera realistic/out-of-the box  Bollywood film starring (the ALWAYS strong) Imran Khan & Shahrukh Khan; it has cute music!

Body of Lies – a MUST-SEE/smart  spy thriller starring DiCaprio, Crowe, and Mark Strong (a TERRIFIC Brit actor!)

Fashion – a pretty decent Bolly film about the ups-and-downs of the modelling business starring Priyanka Chopra; it keeps your attention.

He’s Just Not That Into You – I liked some of the film, BUT it dragged at certain points; the (more realistic) characters I liked were played by Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Connelly.

Last Chance Harvey – who doesn’t like Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson!?

Lost in Austen – a TERRIFIC BBC comedy series (now available in US!)

Madagascar 2 – even more FUN to watch than the 1st movie!

Rush Hour & Rush Hour 2 – it’s cool to see a successful movie franchise w/ several strong minority actors (Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Elizabeth Pena, Zhang Ziyi, etc.)

The Woodlanders – based on Thomas Hardy’s book; starring Rufus Sewell


Some recent iTunes downloads:

Ajab Si – from the Bolly film Om Shanti Om

Dhoom tanafrom Om Shanti Om

Om Shanti Omthe title song

Khudaya Khair from the Bollywood film Billu Barber

Love Mera Hit Hit – from Billu Barber

Maarjani Maarjani Kasame – from Billu Barber; VERY catchy!


Songs by Adam Lambert (on American Idol):

A Change is Gonna Come




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