A Lawyer & Human Rights Activist on Secularism in Bangladesh

Imran Siddiquee: How Hollywood Can Tell Better Love Stories

NOTE: I recently learned that Imran is the son of one of my dad’s pals from since his childhood days at school in Chittagong. Dr. Siddiquee is a retired economist from the University of Illinois in Springfield.  He studied with my Uncle Shan-Shah (one of my dad’s younger brothers) both at high school in Chittagong and Jahanagirnagar University, Savar, and Dhaka.  Also, Dr. Siddiquee’s father was my dad’s high school teacher (Pahartali High School, Chittagong).  Wow, what a small world, especially for Bangladeshis (all over the world)!  You can follow Imran on Twitter.  Imran’s younger brother, Yusuf, is a musician.  Check out Yusuf’s music on Soundcloud.


A sudden storm…

Hi everyone,

There was a brief, BUT very powerful, storm in DC area yesterday (SUN, 7/25).  There was no electricity in the house from 4 p.m. onwards.   Our neighbor’s aunt was locked out of the house, so she came to hang out w/ us for a while.  (The nabes had gone off to an event.)  I felt bad b/c we ONLY had little 4 stubby little candles (and I was in a cranky mood)!  This lady, who looked young and in good shape for her age, immigrated to the US just 3 yrs ago from Gazipur (a village).  Back in Bangladesh, she raised 2 kids (now grown and settled).  In recent years, her husband and both in-laws passed away.  She had to wait 10 yrs to get the visa to join her relatives!  Luckily, ALL her brothers and sisters are in the West (Canada and US).  These days, she’s working and trying to become more of an “independant” person. 

I went to bed around 10 p.m. and listened to the iPod nano radio until midnight.  I woke up at 3:30 a.m. for a few mins. and saw that the electricity was back.  In the morning, I saw that several trees were uprooted; one big tree blocked a road.  The storm caused most damage in Montgomery County, MD.  (On NPR this morning, I heard that VA folks didn’t have it so bad, except some rural parts of Loudon County.)

But here’s something COOL… 

A few weeks ago, a lady named Muriel, who manages Diego Hartfield’s official web site, contacted me about using my ’08 US Open photos of Diego.  Those photos are now on the site! 


What I’m currently reading:

Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez

What I’m currently watching:

Lark Rise to Candleford (Series 2)

Quantum Leap (Season 3)

The Tudors (Season 2)

All the best,


Photos from Bangladesh trip

Bangladesh 326


Bangladesh 327


Bangladesh 328

Above 3 pics taken from a balcony in Mohammedpur (a section of Dhaka)


Bangladesh 329

Streets of Dhaka- VERY busy and crowded MOST of the day!


Bangladesh 335


Bangladesh 336


Bangladesh 337


Bangladesh 338


Bangladesh 339

Above 5 pics are of views from a maternal uncle’s house


Bangladesh 342


Bangladesh 343


Bangladesh 344


Bangladesh 345


Bangladesh 346


Bangladesh 347


Bangladesh 348


Bangladesh 349


Bangladesh 350


Bangladesh 351


Bangladesh 352


Bangladesh 353


Bangladesh 354


Bangladesh 355


Bangladesh 356


Bangladesh 357


Bangladesh 358

Above pics of National Martyrs Memorial in Dhaka- it’s surrounded by walkways, greenery, and little canals of water


Bangladesh 359


Bangladesh 360

2 pics I took while passing an university campus


Bangladesh 361


Bangladesh 362

Some apt bldgs in Gulshan- one of the wealthiest areas of Dhaka


Bangladesh 379


Bangladesh 380


Bangladesh 381

Above 3 pics were taken from a house in Chittagong


Bangladesh 383

A mosque in a gram (small village) near Chittagong


Bangladesh 384


Bangladesh 385


Bangladesh 386

A baby taxi (runs on natural gas)


Bangladesh 387


Bangladesh 388


Bangladesh 389


Bangladesh 390


Bangladesh 391

We saw these guys selling roadside snacks on the way to Cox’s Bazaar; the little boy completed 4th grade, but didn’t advance on (b/c he didn’t want to attend a madrassa school, where no practical skills are learned).


Bangladesh 392


Bangladesh 393


Bangladesh 394

This young guy goes arounding seeking visitors who want a pony ride in Cox’s Bazaar (beach/vacation town).


Bangladesh 396


Bangladesh 397


Bangladesh 398


Bangladesh 399


Bangladesh 414

After the storm…


Bangladesh 415



Bangladesh 427

This house belongs to one of my mom’s aunts.


Bangladesh 430


Bangladesh 437


Bangladesh 440

Village girls who were curious about us


Bangladesh 441

Village boys who were eager to take a photo


Bangladesh 442

Bangladesh 445


Bangladesh 446



Bangladesh 447


Bangladesh 448


Bangladesh 450


The follwing pics are from near the village house my maternal uncles (recently) built in Lukhipur; some Bangladeshis have city apartments AND village houses (for vacation/rental property).

Bangladesh 451


Bangladesh 455


Bangladesh 456


Bangladesh 457


Bangladesh 458


Bangladesh 459


Bangladesh 460


Bangladesh 463


Bangladesh 464


Bangladesh 466


Bangladesh 467


Bangladesh 468


Bangladesh 470


Bangladesh 471


Bangladesh 472


Bangladesh 473

Isn’t this a NICE view?!


Bangladesh 474


Bangladesh 475