Imran Siddiquee: How Hollywood Can Tell Better Love Stories

NOTE: I recently learned that Imran is the son of one of my dad’s pals from since his childhood days at school in Chittagong. Dr. Siddiquee is a retired economist from the University of Illinois in Springfield.  He studied with my Uncle Shan-Shah (one of my dad’s younger brothers) both at high school in Chittagong and Jahanagirnagar University, Savar, and Dhaka.  Also, Dr. Siddiquee’s father was my dad’s high school teacher (Pahartali High School, Chittagong).  Wow, what a small world, especially for Bangladeshis (all over the world)!  You can follow Imran on Twitter.  Imran’s younger brother, Yusuf, is a musician.  Check out Yusuf’s music on Soundcloud.


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