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Hey readers!

The weather is going up and down last few days; it’s pretty windy, and going to rain later today in NoVA.  I heard there were some several tornadoes touching down in NJ & NY this past week!  Dad is in Bowie, MD looking at houses w/ his realtor today (FRI).  He likes the area so far…


I’ve added some new blogs to my blogroll, so check them out.  I want to learn more about podcasting, so let me know if you have any expertise on that subject!  I listen to a variety of podcasts on iTunes, and thought it would be fun to create my own (perhaps focused on British Literature). 


I’m STILL working on my TESOL assignments (so I can be considered for overseas English teaching).  I went to a reunion for Tesol Teaching International where I met some VERY interesting people!  It was a diverse group- different ages, backgrounds, subject areas, etc.  Mom thinks Japan would be a good choice, BUT it’s pricy.  As for working in US… 


Dad knows an Indian American guy whose company is hiring over 300 new workers, including contractors to work in fed govt.  I don’t want to sound negative, BUT I’ve never gotten much (job-related) news/help from desis in places I’ve lived.  (Even in NYC, I met only a handful of Bangladeshi teachers in the public school system.)  The DC area MAY be different story, b/c there are desis here who work in non-profit sector (which interests me VERY much).   


Recently, I met some warm, intelligent, yet laid-back  Bangladeshis (at Drishtipat DC).  Many of them know my NYC friends.  Many of them mentioned networking.  I didn’t know networking was SO important until this year!  Did you know that you are more likely to get hired through acquaintances, NOT friends?


Thanks for checking out my blog,



Recent iTunes Downloads:

The Moth Podcast, 7/20/09: Alex Draper: You are a Great King

A TRUE story of a caterer/struggling actor (Alex Draper) who gets hired by an old college pal (an Indian prince) to co-star in “the Schindler’s List of India” (Kala Pani/Black Water).



John Barrowman Swings Cole Porter:

What Is This Thing called Love?

In The Still Of The Night

You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To

Easy to Love



I’ve mentioned him before on this blog; John Barrowman is a musical theater/TV/movie actor originally from Scotland (but raised in the Midwestern US).  You can check him out on De-Lovely (w/ Kevin Kline); in the UK, he stars in the Dr. Who spin-off Torchwood.  He’s been in several eps of the 3rd season of Dr. Who (w/ fellow Scot, David Tennant).





Movies you DON’T want to see:




This movie has Ewan McGregor and Hugh Jackman, BUT it’s SO bad that I turned it off LONG before it ended!  The first few mins where you see the (lonely/closed-off life) Ewan’s shy auditor character leads in NYC are done well.  Jackman’s charming villain character is TOO much, sorry to say.  Michelle Williams to TOO young/immature for her role.  It’s NOT a believable story.



The Ice Storm

This movie has a GREAT cast of VERY young (Elijah Wood, Christina Ricci, Tobey Maguire) and middle-aged actors (Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver, Joan Allen, etc.)  It’s directed by Ang Lee, and set in the early 1970s in suburban New Canaan, CT.  The characters are emotionally cut off from their spouses, kids, and themselves.  The film has some nice moments, but seems fragmented and disjointed.  It didn’t evoke much of a response from viewers, I’ve read.          





Even though it has Meryl Streep (who plays Uma Thurman’s therapist), her role is thankless, one-note, and WAY beneath her talent.  The love interest for Uma is  (obviously) an inexpereinced actor!  Sorry, I didn’t buy them as falling in love- NO chemistry.  The dialogue is just plain DULL.


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