Not just a pretty face…

Wow, what a smile!  Sigh...
Actor Blair Underwood- wow, what a smile! Sigh...
Last Thursday, actor Blair Underwood was in Washington, DC to open a new health clinic, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation Blair Underwood Clinic (on K Street near George Washington University Hospital).  Local people can come in and get tested for HIV/AIDS for free, Underwood explained on CNN.  He has been involved with fighting HIV/AIDS for about 20 yrs.  The actor told CNN’s Don Lemon that his life has been directly touched by AIDS.  Two members of his wife’s family died of AIDS, one “after a blood transfusion” and another “as a result of lifestyle choices.” 
Blair Underwood as Alex on HBO's "In Treatment"
Underwood as Alex on HBO's "In Treatment"
Recently, Underwood received critical acclaim portraying Alex, one of the patients of Paul (Gabriel Byrne) on Season 1 of HBO’s In Treatment.  Underneath Alex’s muscular/macho/perfectionist exterior is a man riddled with guilt (about a bombing mission that killed a school full of children) and uncertainty (about his marriage).
Blair squares off against Gabriel Byrne
Squaring off against his analyst, Gabriel Byrne


Alex challenges Paul b/c he refuses to reveal much about himself for the first 2 sesssions.  The ex-pilot wants answers from his shrink, but doesn’t want to put himself in a vulnerable position.  Alex is a control freak; he even buys an expensive coffee machine for Paul’s office b/c he wants things just so.  Later on in the season, Alex becomes involved with another one of Paul’s patients, the volatile doctor- Laura (Melissa George).      



With the wife & kids- awww....
With the wife & kids- awww....

Underwood appeared as a sports doctor and one of Miranda’s boyfriends on SATC.  The actor made his TV debut at age 23 as the ambitious/charming litigator Jonathan Rollins on the courtroom drama LA Law.  Underwood impressed producers with his charisma and maturity.  (And 23 is not even old enough to be a lawyer!) 


The cast of "LA Law" (1986)
The cast of "LA Law" (1986)

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