“American Idol” is in full swing!

Update: Lacey Brown was voted off on Thursday, 3/18. 

Hey readers!

I’m sure MANY fo you are watching American Idol these days.  Like last season, there is a diverse group of singers ranging in age from 16 to late 20s.  There is also a diversity of style of singing, presentation, and looks.  This makes the competition VERY exciting!  Last night, the hopefuls took on classic rock- the Rolling Stones.

When it comes to PURE natural talent, Andrew Garcia and Crystal Bowersox (both parents and 24 y.o.) are at the top.  They DON’T need to make an effort to get their voices to do what they want.  They are also calm, mature, creative and have distinct styles.  Knowing how Idol works, however, these qualities may NOT always help them.  (My dad said that Crystal reminds him of Jewel.)  

The singers whose styles I REALLY enjoy are Aaron Kelly (just 16) and Paige Miles (who has a VERY powerful voice).  Aaron, though very young, has a kind of quiet confidence.  He knows what he wants to sing- country w/ a hint of pop.  (I think it’s pretty EXCITING to have a country singer on such a big show!)  Paige has a lot of potential, but she needs to be careful when picking songs.  She carries herself well and has big, beautiful eyes.  And we know that LOOKS don’t hurt you on Idol!     

Speaking of beauty… Casey James (27) and Didi Benami (23 y.o. w/ wide smile) are doing pretty well.  Casey just makes me SMILE!  It seems like these two are eager to please and willing to experiment w/ song styles.  Lacey Brown (24) reminds me of Martina McBride when it comes to looks and voice- an unique sound.  I hope she stays around.  Lee Dewyze (23) stands out from the crowd w/ his simplicity and musical influences.  (He’s also the only contestant from the Midwest.)  I felt BAD for him when Simon commented harshly on his performance Tuesday night.  Lee looked near tears!     

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