“Without Love” (1945)

Like I wrote before, Katherine Hepburn + Spencer Tracy = movie magic.  In this (lesser-known) rom com, Hepburn and Tracy play two opposites who agree on a marriage of convenience, BUT end up falling in love.  Lucille Ball co-stars as Hepburn’s tough-talking real estate agent.  Keenan Wynn plays Hepburn’s tipsy cousin, who may or may NOT have feelings for his ex-gf (Ball), though he’s engaged to a high-maintenance society woman.  Wynn and Ball provide GREAT comic relief in this film, but never go overboard! 

Wealthy young widow Jamie (Hepburn) has been living alone for several years in a big house in Manhattan.  Her cousin worries that she’s lonely.  To help the war (WWII) effort, she marries a brilliant and blunt-speaking scientist, Patrick (Tracy).  She doesn’t want love, as she feels she’s already had the love of her life.  He doesn’t want love either, having fallen for the wrong woman before.  Emotions are too messy for him.  They quickly marry, then begin working on a (top secret) invention in Jamie’s basement. 

From their first meeting, there is a spark of interest between the pair.  Patrick can play piano (which Jamie likes).  Jamie’s knowledgeable about science, having assisted her father for many years.   (She’s a big help to Patrick.)  But the BEST thing- they respect each other!

The dialogue is smart and snappy, but there are also some quiet, meaningful moments when the camera actually captures Hepburn and Tracy’s REAL love for each other.  This film is a must-see!          



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