Because gals LOVE bags…

This is the bag (Coach SoHo Signature Satchel) that I bought  for my mom for Mother’s Day.  I had some funds from selling a few of my old DVDs (on eBay), so it was a V good deal!  Mom doesn’t worry re: designer brands (usually Nine West stuff suits her), BUT this is a nice everyday bag w/ several pockets and compartments for ALL her stuff, plus a book (b/c she reads a LOT these days). 

Aren’t these colors GREAT!?  I saw a woman on the Metro w/ a similar bag (same cool colors) about 2 months ago and wanted something like it.  I got this purse (used) from a college grad who’s downsizing.  The Coach Blueberry Poppy Spotlight Handbag is patent leather.  The inside is bright yellow w/ pockets for cell phone, iPod, etc.  I esp. like the little pockets in front of this bag.  I hear this is a RARE design, so I’m glad to have found it on eBay.

 Coach Madison Op Art Dot Sophia Bag & Mini Skinny Wallet for is good for nicer occasions.  But the bag looks V elegant and can be used everyday- will go with many outfits.  The interior is a GORGEOUS deep blue!

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