Cute stuff from Etsy

Lately, gals I meet often ask me where I get my cute jewelry.  Some of it’s from Etsy, which I discovered few yrs ago- one of the COOLEST web sites ever IMO!  You can find UNIQUE items for fam, pals,… and (mostly) yourself.  There are MANY interesting handmade items: jewelry, bags, decorations, and on and on.  Check it out ASAP!

Items from top:

1. NYC subway leverback earrings by HighBoardDesigns (my most recent purchase; PERFECT for NYC-crazed gals like me)

2. Labradorite & garnet sterling earrings by Crow&Iris (simple, yet beautiful; perfect for a night out)

3. Smoky quartz & sterling earrings by Crow&Iris (perfect for everyday/office; goes w/ MANY outfits)

4. Set of 3 John William Waterhouse jumbo glass magnets (gorgeous/useful; GREAT gift for teachers, moms, artistic personalities)

5. Set of 4 Jane Austen – Team Elinor – Sense & Sensibility Glass Magnets (for the JA fan)

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