The Bourne Legacy (Now Playing)

I REALLY liked the 3 earlier Bourne movies, so decided to check this new one out yesterday (w/ a movie Meetup group).  Matt Damon is such a strong presence in those films!  Also, I had never seen Jeremy Renner’s acting; he plays Black Special Ops agent Aaron Cross- the lead in this installment.  Aaron is joined by the medical doctor who’s been enhancing his mental/physical abilities, Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz).  Not to give things away, but Aaron and Marta end up being targeted by the CIA.


I was NOT impressed, aside from the interesting opener in Alaska and the (running/motorcycle) action scenes in the last 25% of the film.  These were shot in the crowded metro/slum areas of Manila, Phillipines.  The film took time to get started, which I expected.  I was looking for a LOT more character development!  What’s up w/ Edward Norton’s character?  (He has history w/ Aaron.) 

Without a doubt, good dialogue and character chemistry are needed for a successful film.  Unfortunately, I saw ZERO chemistry between Renner and Weisz.  (This is NOT unusual; many capable actors don’t have screen chemistry w/ each other.)  You can skip this movie.

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