Update on the job front

Hey all! 

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated you on my life (aside from movies).  Things are not going as I’d like- I was laid off exactly one month ago after nearly 3 yrs on a project.  I haven’t had any work due or any meetings w/ my 2 (fed) clients since mid-June.  The contract my team was under (w/ FMCSA, an agency under DOT)  finished at the end of July.   The team I worked w/ is smaller by 3 people; 2 of them (developers) found other jobs pretty quickly.  I’m not sure re: the one of the ladies who worked on graphics/web content; I hope she has a job, too. 

Now, all of this was a shock, but too much.  I knew since January re: end of the contract, but not the nitty gritty details.  It took some time before I learned the real deal- my project was given to another contracting company!  So, what to do now?  Look for jobs!, of course!  October is the start of the fed fiscal year, so maybe I can get back on my old project then; I would have to be hired my the (bigger) company.  I have some savings, and think I can get by on DC unemployment, but it’s not very generous (only $359/wk).  Maryland (where I live) gives more, but I can’t claim that, since I worked in DC.  Some other states give more than $500 /wk in benefits! 

My mom (who still lives back in Indy) is the one who motivates me to not get too upset about this situation.  She has gone through a lot in the last 10 months, and come out as a survivor.  She never makes a bid deal/fuss of herself, but gets through life w/ a positive outlook!  And there is more to come…

 Thanks for reading (and check back again),


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