What I’m watching NOW

Downton Abbey: Season 3 (PBS)

Yes, this is a soap opera for the period drama crowd, but I have to admit the last 2 eps have been esp. good!  I cried, then laughed, along w/ the family upstairs and the servants downstairs.  The new kids on the show (Alfred, James, Ivy) are fitting in quite well, too.  Miss O’Brien & Thomas as enemies is quite good fun!  And yes, everyone wants to see more of Anna & Bates…

House of Cards (Netflix; online)


WARNING: Do not watch this show if you have an addictive personality!  (You will get hooked right away!)  I’d describe it as a mix of The West Wing & Damages. Kevin Spacey (Who doesn’t love him!?) embodies a character that has been described as “part Richard III & Iago.”   (For fans of Law & Order: UK, Ben Daniels is in some eps.)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Season 14 (NBC)

You STILL watch that show!?  But Stabler is not in it anymore!  (Please stop whining over Christopher Melon’s decision.  We ALL loved Stabler, OK?)  I suppose I “grew up” w/ SVU (13 seasons have gone by)!  My lil bro & some friends are big fans, too.  Det. Benson (Mariska Hargitay) continues to be one of the strongest (and hottest) leading women on network TV!  Amaro (Danny Pino) pretty seamlessly fit into the show.  Not a big fan of Rollins; they’re not giving her much to do…  And yes, we ALL want to see more of Munch (but he probably has stuff going on & lives partly in France).

Robin Hood: Season 1 (BBC; DVD)

Yes, I watch it for Richard Armitage!  (Most ladies over the age of 21 probably do, too.)  I will post reviews of S1 eps soon.

Shakespeare Uncovered (PBS; online)


I saw one ep last SAT on my local PBS station.  The above pics are from the new Henry V (2012) starring Jeremy Irons (fabulous) & Tom Hiddleston (one of the UK’s hottest young leading men).  I’m looking forward to seeing the ep on Macbeth w/ David Tennant!  You can buy the DVD, too.

Here is the link to watch the show:


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