Richard Armitage & Ori’s Slingshot: Celebrating Creative Exchange

the armitage effect

This came up on Twitter yesterday, an excerpt from the Chronicles book that someone had posted on Tumblr. In the snippet,  Adam Brown (Ori) is describing how his signature weapon for The Hobbit came about:

“. . . . I recall being in a weapons meeting and the others were all going crazy over their weapons. It was Richard [Armitage] who said to me ‘You should have a slingshot’ and it just kind of stuck . . .”

Adam Brown fromThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles: Art and Design by Daniel Falconer and Weta Workshop


He’s so adorable.  You just want to give Ori a big hug. 😉

I added “Armitage” to the above as there was some confusion over whether it was Weta Design and Special Effects Supervisor Richard Taylor or actor Richard Armitage who made the comment, but Adam Brown himself confirmed in a tweet that it was indeed RA who…

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