Guess who these actors are?

Timeless Talents


1) This “out and proud” Englishman is currently appearing on Broadway.  Younger audiences will know him from a VERY popular series of films.


2) This tall/formerly red-haired Englishwoman has been the toast of UK/US  in recent years for her (humorous) role in a popular TV series.  One of her sons is also an actor- appearing on stage, and both the small and big screens (like his mother).  She is close friends with Judi Dench.


3) This Canadian actor (seen above in a stage production of Much Ado About Nothing) often pokes fun at his wholesome, Disneyesque image.  His career has had a recent resurgence as well.  When he whistled, many ladies wanted to come running! 


4) This wholesome, formerly red-haired beauty could sing (her first love), dance, and act from a young age.  She took the stage  at age 11 in her native England.  Currently, she’s promoting a children’s book. 

Who’s Hot Now


5) This actor has done it all- both here and across the pond.  He recently starred in a critically-acclaimed show (now out on DVD).  After he saw Val Kilmer and Mare Winningham (both pictured below) onstage, he decided to switch to their high school to be part of the theater program.  “I’d never seen anything like that- they were so talented.  We did a few plays together.” he commented.   

Val Kilmer (Top Gun)
Val Kilmer (Top Gun)
Mare Winningham
Mare Winningham


6) This English actor has been working since he was a tween.  He refuses to be typecast, often going to great lengths to fit into his roles.  He hit it big (worldwide) a few years ago playing an iconic American hero. 


7) This actress made a big name for herself (won an Oscar) at a very young age.  She is the star of one of cable’s biggest hits and married to a co-star.  (Awww… I couldn’t resist the ducks!) 


8) This actor is everywhere these days- his career is red hot!  He was raised in Ireland, the son of an Irish mother and German father.  (Come on, this is too easy!)   













1) Sir Ian McKellan (continuing his role of Gandalf DEC 13 in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug)

2) Dame Maggie Smith (see her next JAN on PBS’ Downton Abbey)

3) Christopher Plummer

4) Dame Julie Andrews

5) Kevin Spacey (House of Cards is now available for purchase at Amazon & FYE.  You can see it on Netflix, too.)

6) Christian Bale

7) Anna Paquin

8) Michael Fassbender (most recently in 12 Years a Slave)

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