Health & Beauty Tips Almost ANYONE Can Follow

1) Drink 2 glasses of water right after you wake up.  Many Hollywood celebs, who bank on their looks (as well as talent) have mentioned this habit.

2) Eat breakfast whenever you can!  In a time crunch, I suggest a banana and a cereal bar (Trader Joe’s has a good selection).  Below are some other easy options:

  • Cheerios w/ 1% milk (or ANY type of milk you like)
  • Fiber One cereal w/ almond milk (I STILL need to try this type of milk!)
  • Quaker Oatmeal (My dad loves most of the varieties; it has helped him lose a bit of stomach weight.)
  • Whole Foods granola (YOUR choice of flavor) w/ Fage 2% Yogurt (or ANY type of plain yogurt)

2) Moisturize your face, BUT don’t forget the neck!  (This is esp. important for women.)  Below are some good choice:

  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (Yes, it’s pricy, BUT a fab product.  I recommend Clinique line for women w/ acne-prone/combination/oily skin.)
  • Oil of Olay (My mom says you can’t go wrong w/ this brand, and I agree.  She’s going to try the Total Effects line soon.) 
  • Nivea (My dad loves this product; he has naturally dry skin.  I recommend it for men, esp. during Winter months.)
  • Ponds (It’s not as thick/rich as Nivea; I use it in the Winter mos.)

3) Use an organic shampoo & conditioner.  It’s esp. good for those w/ fine/thin/fragile hair.  Just be on the lookout for deals, so you don’t spend too much.  If you can’t find an organic product, use those that are labeled “sulfate-free.”  

4) Take a lunch (from home) whenever possible!  (I’m terrible at this- need to get back into the habit this Fall.)  Not only will you save money, you’ll save calories.  

5) If you do NOTHING else, eliminate soda (including diet ones) from your diet.  I usually drink Coke once a week, but am trying to get rid of that habit (easier in the Winter season). 

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