The Affair: Season 2 (Episode 1)

SPOILERS: Don’t read this review if you have not yet seen or don’t want to know details from the season premiere of the Showtime series The Affair.  

Part 1: Noah

We see that Harry (the editor) and Noah (Dominic West) talk re: his book.  Harry doesn’t like the ending; it needs to be more exciting. 

Margaret is pissed off when Noah comes to pick-up his clothes and a few other belongings.  They scream and fight w/ each other.  Hey, after all, he cheated on her little girl!  Martin (who we know is moody and highly sensitive from S1) is in therapy- w/o Noah knowing!  Trevor, who is playing hooky from drama camp (hey, that sounds cool), punches Noah on the steps of the brownstone after hearing the true story.  Poor kid (just LOVE his acting)! 

That mediator was NUTS (hope there aren’t real lawyers like this)!  Helen (Maura Tierney) is stunned when she learns that Noah received a $400,000 advance on his second novel.  He lies about living w/ Alison.  The only thing Helen wants is that Alison NOT be near their kids, she tells Noah before getting in the cab.

Noah comes home to… Alison (Ruth Wilson)!  (MANY viewers were pleased w/ this payoff, finally.)  They are living in a small/cute guesthouse while Noah finishes his book.  They have dinner out on the deck and dance. 

Part 2: Helen

From an interview a few weeks back, I KNEW that we would see Helen’s viewpoint this season!  In this ep, the biggest surprise (to MOST of us, I’m sure) was Max… w/ Helen!  He is SO into her- in love, BUT Helen is conflicted (cries in the shower).  They are old pals, BUT I think she ended up w/ him b/c she was lonely.  Hmmm… could there be more? 

Later at the charity dinner, Helen is genuinely surprised to see Max at her mother’s table.  Whoa, it’s a REAL date, NOT just a hook-up!  And mama obviously approves of Max (from her comments).  Max explains how he was in love w/ nature/the outdoors, worked at a conservation nonprofit for a bit, BUT realized that he wanted a different life.  Helen is the one that got away, and Max is VERY pleased to get a second chance.   

Whoa, the mediation scene is SO different in this account- clothes, how they were seated, and tone!

Watch the episode here!


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