Game of Thrones: Season 6, Episode 3 (“Oathbreaker”)

We meet young Ned Stark (Robert Aramayo) in a flashback scene!

WHO broke an oath (as mentioned in the title)?

Ned – Hmmm… this is debateable.  Ned fudged on the REAL story of what happened at the Tower of Joy; he said that HE defeated the Knight of the Morning- Ser Arthur Dayne (Luke Roberts) in combat BUT it was actually Howland Reed (one of the Crannogmen; father of Jojen and Meera) who stabbed Dayne in the back.  Now we know exactly WHY Ned held Howland in such high regard.  Aramayo’s accent was spot-on, as was the way he moved while sword fighting, and walking- making him a quite convincing Ned!

Smalljon Umber – Yes, he broke his oath to the Starks, the family that the Umbers had been allied w/ for generations.  The actor (Dean S. Jagger) did a good job w/ this role!

Jon – FINALLY, he is leaving Castle Black.  He is free to try to take back Winterfell- YAY!  Since he died, then maybe he didn’t break his oath to the Night’s Watch as some podcasters/viewers/critics said)?

Memorable Lines

Nothing.  -Jon replies when Melisandre asks what he saw after he died.

I know that [Jon is not a god].  I saw your pecker.  What kind of god would have a pecker that small?  -Tormund jokes before he embraces Jon

You are the not the queen because you are not married to the king.  Though I realize that such things can get confusing in your family.  -Lady Olenna throws some shade on Cersei during the Small Council meeting

Her love for you is more real than anything else in this world, because it doesn’t come from this world.  -The High Sparrow explains to Tommen

Your father was a c*nt.  –Smalljon Umber concludes re: Roose to Ramsay

I’ve brought you a gift.  -Umber says to Roose before Osha and Rickon are brought out, along w/ the head of Shaggydog (Rickon’s direwolf)

My watch is ended.  -Jon said after giving the black fur cloak (worn by the Lord Commander) to Edd

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