Game of Thrones: Season 6, Episode 4 (“Book of the Stranger”)

SPOILERS: Don’t read this review if you have not yet seen or don’t want to know details from the latest episode of Game of Thrones 

Castle Black/The Wall:


We ALL cheered (no doubt) as Brienne, Pod, & Sansa slowly rode into the yard of Castle Black! Tormund was wowed by seeing such a woman as Brienne (more to come on that, I’m sure). Sansa and Jon hugged- SUCH a satisfying moment! These half-sibs had NEVER before had a scene together in 6 seasons (as the showrunners noted on HBO site after the ep).


In short time, Sansa explained to Jon about the severity of the situation w/ Ramsay; she knew in her gut that HE had killed Roose. But Jon, who has been fighting since leaving Winterfell, admitted that he was tired of fighting. And which houses would be their allies? Sansa said that he saved the Wildlings, so they owe him their support.  If Jon wasn’t going to lead an army, then SHE would! (Twitter was abuzz w/ love for this new badass Sansa that night.)

The Eyrie (The Vale):


We see a teen Robin Arryn practicing archery while his reluctant teacher/protector, Lord Royce, watches w/ some of the knights of the Vale. Robin sucks at hitting the target (NO shocker there)! Then we see a carriage arrive and out comes Littlefinger! Robin runs over to hug his “Uncle Petyr” (blech).

Lord Royce confronts Littlefinger re: what happened w/ Sansa. He thought Littlefinger was talking his charge to Jon at Castle Black, so how the Hell did she end up married to Ramsay!? The schemer stays calm (as usual), saying that Ramsay and his Bolton bannermen STOLE Sansa away on the road.

Pike (The Iron Islands):

Theon (no longer in Reek mode) returns home and keeps apologizing for how he acted under Ramsay’s control. His younger sis, Yara, is mad (at first). Then she gives him some tough love- Theon has to stop saying sorry and decide what HE really wants out of life! Theon declares that Yara should lead the iron born- she’s the best candidate now that their father is dead. Theon’s personal journey continues to surprise me!


Osha (Rickon’s ONLY protector) is brutally/quickly stabbed and killed by Ramsay (who she tried to seduce)- V sad ending for such a strong character! But before Osha died, she got in some nice barbs at Ramsay. I really thought that the tough Wildling gal would’ve been able to (at least) wound that evil bastard.



Much to the disgust/dismay of Grey Worm and Messandei, Tyrion declares a truce w/ the slavers (who had backed the Sons of the Harpy).  Varys doesn’t look too happy, BUT this is the price of peace.  Tyrion explains that there will be a grace period (7 yrs) before they MUST  abolish slavery.  Then the slavers are left alone w/ beautiful/young women. 


After the meeting, they must face a group of angry former slaves in the main hall.  The men wonder at how Grey Worm can go along w/ such a plan.  In the garden, Grey Worm and Missandei (BOTH former slaves) get a nice/meaty scene w/ Tyrion.  Missandei says that he was NOT a slave long enough to know how truly terrible it can be for a person.  Grey Worm thinks that these masters will use Tyrion (NOT the other way around)- they always managed to get their way before.       

Kings Landing:


In the Grand Sept, after telling Margaery the story of how he came to religion, the High Sparrow allows the disheveled queen to see her big bro in his jail cell. Yikes, Loras looks terrible, and is also an emotional wreck. He cries and says he just wants it to stop! Margaery embraces him, explaining that THIS is the time to be strong (the old man is probably plotting to turn them against each other).

I actually liked the High Sparrow’s story in this ep! (Some of you tweeted that you were unsure if it was true.) He was once a successful cobbler (inheriting his dad’s business) who was drawn to worldly things- fancy clothes, wine, women, and partying w/ wealthy pals. Before dawn one morning (around age of 25), he realized how hollow his life had become, and walked away (w/o his shoes- ironic). Isn’t that usually the case? People (in the real world) that had the most craziest youths (doing extreme/illegal activities) can turn out to be the ones that cling to religion tightly.

In the Red Keep, Cersei learns from Tommen what judgment (a walk of shame- YIKES!) lies in his wife’s future. The High Sparrow has been talking w/ the king now and then. Cersei and Jaime FINALLY convince Uncle Kevyn (Lancel’s dad- FYI) and Lady Olenna to get w/ their plan. The Lannister army will stay outside and guard the city; the Tyrell army (bit larger) come inside the city walls to capture (or kill) the High Sparrow. After Margaery is free and at Tommen’s side, the armies will kill the Sparrows if they don’t surrender. Hmm… wonder if MANY of those rag tag folks can even fight properly?

Vaes Dothrak (Essos):


Daario (ugh, I barely tolerate this guy) and Jorah (still LOVE him) are outside the city limits, planning the rescue of Dany.  Jorah explains (as he did back in S1 to Viserys) that weapons are forbidden inside this city.  During the fight w/ the two Dothraki on the streets, we see that Jorah is losing (V unexpected); at one point, he throws sand in his opponent’s eyes. Daario has to save Jorah’s life- he stabs the Dothraki in the back (w/ his fave knife).

It turns out that the khaleesi can save HERSELF!  Dany has a GREAT speech in front of all the khals, before setting fire to the (VERY flammable) structure where they’ve all gathered.  Dany emerges from the roaring fire, amazing the Dothraki, who quickly bow down before her.  Then Jorah and Daario (he’s never seen this sort of thing either) bow down, too.  What a FAB ending! 

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