Game of Thrones: Season 6, Episode 5 (“The Door”)

SPOILERS: Don’t read this review if you have not yet seen or don’t want to know details from the latest episode of Game of Thrones 


Did you know about Ramsay?  If you didn’t know, you’re an idiot.  If you did know, you’re my enemy.  -Sansa tells Littlefinger


The time may come when you need an army loyal to you. -Littlefinger gives Sansa some advice

The man who knows everything either underestimated Ramsay Bolton -unlikely- or  even more severely underestimated how Sansa Stark would react to being sold into marriage with a sadist. Sonya Soraiya (

The servant does not question.  -Jaqen flatly tells Arya

A girl has no desires. -Arya concludes

Is Arya being merely tested by Jaqen, OR do you think she will really have to kill the actress (Essie Davis) playing Cersei?  We also get some of the history of Braavos.  Its people were former slaves who came from Valyria; one man learned and trained to become a Faceless Man, then taught the others.   

What did you think of the play w/in the ep (which poor Arya has to watch)?  It reminded me of Shakespeare’s time- that’s how commoners got their news (before newspapers and the Internet).  Ned is portrayed as clueless, Joffrey is innocent, and Tyrion is the (obvious) villain.  Sansa is seen as promiscuous- the actress’ top is torn off at the end of one scene.


It was you- you made the Whitewalkers! -Bran says to Leaf (one of the Children of the Forest)

Yes, that is the SAME actor (above) who played the scared man being changed into a Whitewalker (see below).  The Children of the Forest created these creatures in order to protect themselves against humankind. 


They’re [Whitewalkers] basically biological weapons.  This is nature’s way to fight the virus of humanity…  The dragons are nuclear weapons.  -Itamar Harel (GoT Academy)


Isn’t that the point of being a fanatic? You’re always right. Everything is the Lord’s will.  -Varys sarcastically says to Kinvara, the (new) Red Priestess from Volantis

The Lord of Light brings people back from the dead- it’s not like they [the Red Priests/Priestesses] have inconsequential powers.  –Cenk Uygur (What the Flick?!)

Maybe she’ll use him [Tyrion] to make her religion more popular?  -Gil Kidron (GoT Academy)

Maybe he’s the one who created the monster who he will not be able to control?  And she [Kinvara] will turn the tables on him?  -Itamar Harel (GoT Academy)

This was a rarity- Varys being disturbed/scared (by Kinvara’s knowledge of his past)!  She inferred that it was the Lord of Light’s voice he heard when his “bits” were thrown into the fire by the sorcerer.


She is a leader! She is a warrior! She is iron born! You will find no better leader! She is your queen!  -Theon rallies the warriors during the Kingsmoot


I wasn’t born to be king! I paid the iron price, and here I stand!  -Euron concludes w/ confidence (before being crowned king)

Theon gets a GREAT speech- he stands by Yara (as he said he would in E4)!  The men of the Kingsmoot (leaders of the Iron Islands) choose Euron.  While the new king is being baptized, Yara, Theon, and the men loyal to her steal the best ships- YAY!    


My father used to say Northerners are different- more loyal. Suspicious of outsiders.  -Sansa explains to Ser Davos

Finally, Sansa Stark- a politician!  A commander in chief…  A strategist…  Her goal now is to be a widow. -Gil Kidron (GoT Academy)

She is in the center of the action..  I don’t think she will marry again.  She’ll be married to her kingdom, like Elizabeth I.  -Itamar Harel (GoT Academy)

Hold the door!  -The command that decided Wyllis’ destiny

Now we come to the MOST dramatic part of the ep- the sacrifice of the Bran’s  loyal servant- Hodor.  As a boy, he was called Wyllis, and talked normally and worked w/ the horses of the Stark household.  In the big scheme of things, Hodor is NOT a main player, though he had a part to play! 

Magic has to be destroyed.  It’s too dangerous.  -Itamar Harel (GoT Academy)

Game of Thrones is so good- even my least favorite episode has continued to haunt me… like from the moment that it ended to this moment.  -Cenk Uygur (What the Flick!?)

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