“Star Trek: DS9” – Season 2 (Episodes 18 & 19)

Episode 18: Profit and Loss

Quark: You know, you’re as beautiful as ever.

Natima Lang: And you’re as big a liar as ever.

Quark: You see, just like old times!

A damaged Cardassian ship approaches DS9. On board are three Cardassians- Prof. Natima Lang (Mary Crosby- daughter of Bing and aunt of Denise from TNG) and two students, Rekelen (Heidi Swedberg from Seinfeld) and Hogue (Michael Reilly Burke). She wants to leave as soon as possible to avoid problems w/ the Bajorans. When Natima walks by Quark’s (Armin Shimerman) bar, he seems overjoyed. The feeling is not mutual; they were in a relationship 7 yrs ago. When the Cardassians see Garak (Andrew Robinson), they quickly leave the bar. The crew discover that Natima’s shuttle was hit by Cardassian weapons. Natima explains they are part of a movement against military rule of Cardassia, so have become fugitives on the run!

Garak: I’ve been in this business a long time, and I know there’s nothing worse than following the wrong trend. Now, you’re a smart fellow, with your own inimitable sense of style. Perhaps… you should mention this to your lady friend. I’d hate to see her fall victim to fashion.

Quark: Would you like to explain that?

Garak: She’s chosen to associate herself with some rather flamboyant companions. It would be a tragedy if she got in the way, when her friends go out of fashion.

This is the first ep to refer to the Cardassian dissident movement and the first ep to use the term “Cardassian Central Command.” Cardassia considers Garak to be an “exile” (but it’s not clear to what extent his exile is self-inflicted). Quark has been on DS9 longer than Odo, and he also sold food to Bajorans during the occupation. We also hear the first reference to Sarek of Vulcan (Spock’s diplomat father; he appeared in TOS, TNG, films, etc.)

The original teleplay for this ep very closely paralleled Casablanca (1942). It was originally called Here’s Lookin’ at You… The producers had to change some of the more obvious references and the title when they were threatened w/ legal action. As I wrote before, the Cardassians and Bajorans are partly based on the Nazis and Jews during WWII. Instead of Rick (Humphrey Bogart) and his bar, we have Quark and his bar. The lost love is now Natima (in a long/elegant white gown), not Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman). The ending (goodbye) scene is very similar to the ending of that iconic film. It turned out to be an entertaining ep, where we learn much more re: personalities of both Quark and Garak. This ep was written by a married pair (Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus). Behr didn’t like this ep b/c Quark came off too heroic.

During filming, a 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck along the Northridge fault in SoCal, incl. Paramount studios. The earthquake struck at 4:30AM on January 17, 1994, when Shimerman, Crosby, and others requiring extensive makeup were having their makeup applied for crew call at 5 AM. Most of the actors in the makeup trailer ran to their cars and drove home to check on family. However, they were still wearing their makeup! Filming resumed two days later, amidst a series of aftershocks. Makeup supervisor Michael Westmore said the love scene between Natima and Quark is one of his favorites; despite the heavy makeup, it is still just a touching romantic scene.

Episode 19: Blood Oath

Odo: It’s been a Klingon afternoon.

Kira: A Klingon afternoon?

Odo: Every time Klingons visit the station, I wind up with a Klingon afternoon.

Quark gets Odo (Rene Auberjonois) to remove an old drunk Klingon keeping a holosuite occupied. His name is Kor and he is visited by Koloth, another old Klingon, who leaves him when he finds out Kor is drunk. When Dax (Terry Farrell) hears about it, she immediately recognizes their names. They were friends of Curzon Dax and when the two are joined by yet another Klingon, Kang, Jadzia knows why they’re on the station. Curzon made a blood oath with the three to kill the Albino, a bandit who was defeated by them. He swore revenge and killed their first born sons, including Dax’ godson. Kang now finally located him. They don’t want to take Jadzia along, while she feels she must fulfill the oath.

Kang: The old Klingon ways are passing. There was a time, when I was a young man, the mere mention of the Klingon Empire made worlds tremble. Now, our warriors are opening restaurants and serving racht to the grandchildren of men I slaughtered in battle. Things are not what they used to be, not even a blood oath.

I’m not a big fan of Klingons, but enjoyed this story (written by Peter Allan Fields). It was very cool seeing the TOS Klingons- Kor (John Colicos), Kolath (William Campbell- also the mischievous Trelane- precursor to Q), and Kang (Michael Ansara) together after almost 30 yrs! Even under big wigs and thick prosthetics/makeup, their different personalities come out. The jovial Kor drowns his woes in drink, which disgusts the hard-edged Kolath; Kang (who is the leader in this group) is still lean and tough. We also learn more re: Jadzia; I think working w/ these talented/veteran actors really upped Farrell’s game.

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