“Gayby” (2012)

Jenn- a straight woman (Jenn Harris) and Matt- a gay man (Matthew Wilkas) are best friends from college now in their 30s. Jenn teaches hot yoga and has been single for a long time. Matt owns/manages a comic book store and can’t get over his ex-bf (who left him after 7 yrs). They decide to fulfill a promise to have a child together- the old fashioned way! They do spend some time dating new people- w/ mixed results- as it’s tough to be single in NYC. I heard about this movie a few weeks ago on the Designated Driver podcast; Adam Driver (and his future wife- Joanne Tucker) have supporting roles in this comedy. Driver plays Neil, Matt’s laid-back/supportive co-worker; Tucker plays the over-educated yoga studio’s admin. The writer/director, Jonathan Lisecki, plays the role of the (self-proclaimed) “bear”- Nelson.

There are many NYC-based character actors here (all of whom do a fine job). I recognized a FEW from the Law & Order franchise. Wilkas is V fit/youthful; I recognized his name (as former partner of Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy). He and Harris have terrific chemistry together; you truly buy them as BFFs (almost like family). Louis (Louis Cancelmi) is the brooding artist who comes to paint Jenn’s apt; he’s married to actress Elizabeth Waterston (daughter of Sam). Scott (Mike Doyle) is preppy/handsome; he comes to buy comics w/ his young son. Adam (Dule Hill, from one of my fave TV shows- The West Wing) is one of Jenn’s dates; he is charming (as usual) and does a BIT tap dancing (how he started in theater). Sarita Choudhury (a prolific Indian-American actress) plays the healer who Jenn goes to for herbs/natural remedies; she recently made a splash on the SATC reboot- And Just Like That. Choudhury is one of MANY actors I saw while living in NYC; she’s even more beautiful in-person! Driver (in perhaps his 2nd feature film role) is adorable as a nerdy/sweet guy; he wears his hair short (just covering the tops of his ears). Check this movie out IF you’re in the mood for something fun!

[1] It’s light hearted and funny throughout the story. […] The story is quite positive as well, even though the lead characters are not super successful people, they are portrayed to be good people that are down to earth and easy to relate to. 

[2] Director Lisecki has taken the bold step of using an actor- Jenn Harris- who isn’t an incredibly gorgeous woman. […] Jenn Harris looks like a person who could be your friend, or, for that matter, your yoga instructor. […] Harris is an excellent actor, and so is Matthew Wilkas. The supporting cast- including Lisecki himself- is highly competent. The dialogue is witty, the characters are endearing, and the movie is very enjoyable.

[3] While the theme of “gay guy and straight woman decide to make a baby” has been done MANY times (“The Wedding Banquet” is probably the Gold Standard) even back in 2012, this rendition absolutely comes off as believable, with well-formed characters, great acting and a solid script.

-Excerpts from IMDb reviews

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