Meal Prep: Weeks 1-5 (The Domestic Geek)

Sara Lynn Cauchon (AKA The Domestic Geek) is one of the BEST home cooks on YouTube .  This is a VERY easy meal prep (so perfect for beginners or those w/ little time to cook)!  I esp. LOVE her idea of pre-cutting different raw veggies (for when you have a “snack attack.”)  Her Instagram account is @thedomesticgeek1. 


NOTE: The menu below is 100% vegan. 


Oooh, the menu below will probably me ONE of my personal faves!


Have you made hummus at home?  If NOT, then this meal prep contains a recipe. 


This menu (which includes several of my fave ingredients) is inspired by the flavors of Mexico.  You can skip Chipotle now!  If you’re NOT a fan of cilantro, use mint instead. 


Ingredient 101: Dani Spies (Clean & Delicious)

Bulgur Wheat – It can be used like couscous or even for breakfast (which my dad said was common when my parents lived in England).


Brussels Sprouts – My former roomie & lil bro BOTH recently got into this veggie; I need to try them more.


Mushrooms – I LOVE these so much, BUT could always learn more!


Quinoa – I will be cooking this up VERY soon- have eaten a FEW times in salads. 


Sweet Potato – MANY years back, my mom & lil bro got interested in this item (esp. creating fries)- they were ahead of the health craze curve.


Zoodles (AKA Zucchini Noodles) – This is a VERY popular substitute for pasta!



Low Carb Recipes: Joanna Soh (Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach)

I’m esp. excited to try the 2nd soup (3:00 min mark); I also emailed this recipe to few relatives to try! 

If you are trying to eat LESS carbs (Who isn’t theses days!?), you may want to try some of the above ideas.  I REALLY want to try the one w/ shrimp (8:20 min mark)!

Now that Winter is here, MANY folks are back to eating (warm) oatmeal; I’m going to start on it also in the coming weekend.  I’ve never had an oatmeal smoothie (6:20 min mark).