Mark Strong (“my Mr. Knightley”) gets critical acclaim!

The current issue of Time notes that in Guy Ritchie’s new action film RocknRolla “Gerard Butler stars, Tom Wilkinson makes a star turn, and Mark Strong steals the show.”

Mark Strong, a VERY talented British actor, played Mr. Knightley alongside Kate Beckinsale in my favorite movie version of Jane Auten’s Emma.  I felt that his characterization of Mr. Knightley was close to the book; he was tough (lectured Emma loudly), haughty (knew his position in society), and rooted in the mores of the period.  Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE Jeremy Northam’s work, but he made the character more light-hearted and fun in Emma with Paltrow.  Even the way Northam moved was easy; Strong made Knightley darker, moodier, and more of a mystery.

Mark as Mr. Knightley

Jeremy as Mr. Knightley

In that same issue of Time, there is a review of the spy thriller Body of Lies starring Crowe and DiCaprio.  Mark Strong has a crucial role in that film; he plays Hani Salaam, the chief of Jordanian intelligence (who helps out Leo’s character).  Okay, Mark is definitely NOT Middle Eastern, but his looks could be considered “exotic” in Hollywood.  His parents immigrated from Italy before he was born; they chose to give him a British name (because they felt it’d help him fit in).

DiCaprio has some unusual-looking facial hair in this film!  A reviewer thought it was “squiggly” and “distracting”- LOL!

Next up for “my Mr. Knightley”- Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. (Holmes) and Jude Law (Watson).

But the coolest of all- Mark has acted alongside Sir Ian McKellan!  Below is a pic from a theater production of Richard III.

4 thoughts on “Mark Strong (“my Mr. Knightley”) gets critical acclaim!

  1. I love Mark Strong’s Knightley – He was decidedly sexy and yes, unpredictable and moody, but that made him all the more alluring. I was disappointed with Northam’s interpretation but then I was rather disappointed with that entire production. I felt Paltrow’s Emma was forced and contrived especially in comparison to Beckensale’s seemingly effortless and exquisite interpretation. Northam’s came across as more the fop i thought – then the serious and intensely aware of his responsibility Knightley that Strong showed us. His ease in accepting others outside of his “class” (i.e. Mr. Martin, etc) as evidenced by his respect and camaraderie with the man, exceeds even that of Emma who actually believes herself to not be narrow-minded on that count. But hands down – the thing that won me over about Strong’s Knightley was the way his voice catches when he’s scolding her by the carriage. “It was badly done Emma! Badly done in,gulp,deed!” Awesome! Loved him hopelessly from that moment on – no doubt about it!! I like him as Septimus in Stardust too! in fact I just like him period. LOL Thanks for sharing the great pics too!!


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