Meet Singer/Songwriter Sam Riggs

Why didn’t I learn about this FAB voice before!?  I’m SO far behind what’s out there (in the music world)!  If any of YOU have music suggestions for me, just leave a comment below.

Sam (just 28 y.o.) is originally from Florida, BUT started his music career (singing, writing, playing guitar & fiddle) in Austin, TX.  He and his band (The Night People) slowly built their reputation by touring across the Lone Star state in small venues. In the past 3 yrs, Sam’s profile has grown exponentially, thanks to loyal local fans, magazine articles, and Kickstarter supporters who raised close to $38,000 to help produce one of his albums.

I was browsing the $6.99 Country albums (on iTunes) last night when I found his latest album- “Breathless.”  But this is NOT the type of voice that belongs in the discount section!  Sam’s songs are authentic country (w/ lyrics reminiscent of what I LOVED in the ’90s).  There are new/innovative touches- steel drum intro in one song, some rapping in another.

There are a FEW music videos and videos of Sam’s acoustic sessions on YouTube (produced by his wife, Natalie Rhea). I’ve listened to “Breathless”- every song was good, yet different!  Five of these songs were written by Sam and his long-time friend/drummer.  Never underestimate the power REAL talent and word of mouth!  You can subscribe to Sam’s YouTube channel and follow him on Twitter.

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